George Bough IllustrationAlpha Folka - Original comic strip series by George Bough

George Bough is an artist and illustrator working out of Vancouver BC. As an illustrator he's most inspired by characters, story and design. He's pursued these interests as a penciler, inker, colorist and writer in the comic book and children's book industries, as well as in character and concept design.

George's work has been featured in books, newspapers and magazines published all over world. Since graduating from the Joe Kubert School he has had the opportunity to work with amazing people on many great projects. His work as a colorist has been published literally thousands of times in the past five years. George considers himself lucky to have attracted several reliable clients who continue to provide him with opportunities to collaborate on awesome projects.

Traditional Services
Drawing, painting, illustration and design.
Sequential art and storytelling.
Concept and character design.
Hand lettering, traditional inking and penciling for comics.
Digital Services
Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator.
Digital coloring and lettering.
Digital painting.
Web design, visual design, layout and logo design.